Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Allen Eskens wins the Left Coast Crime Rosebud Award!

KC&A is thrilled to announce that Allen Eskens brought home the Left Coast Crime Rosebud Award last weekend for his debut The Life We Bury. The win comes on the heels of Friday's announcement that his book was nominated for a Barry Award. Eskens has also been shortlisted for an Edgar Award and the Minnesota Book Award, so for those who like literary mystery/thrillers this is an excellent addition to a "to read" list.  Congratulation Allen!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shannon Capone Kirk's METHOD 15/33 Getting Rave Reviews!

Kimberley is excited to announce that her author Shannon Capone Kirk is getting rave reviews for her thriller METHOD 15/33 due out through Oceanview Publishing in May.

Shannon received a starred review in Publishers Weekly.  To review the Publishers Weekly review, click here.

In addition to Publishers Weekly, she also received a nice review from Booklist. Though the review from Booklist is not due to be published until a later date, they have given us permission to post this selection of their review:

"Nietzsche warned us to beware of people with a strong desire to punish. That thought lingers after putting down this dark, disturbing, damnably readable novel...a worthy challenge, a joy to discuss, and a great pairing with John Katzenback's equally riveting What Comes Next (2012)."  —Booklist

To read more about Shannon Capone Kirk and her books, click here

Vaughn Entwistle Booksigning

We love this photo of Vaughn Entwistle signing books at Forbidden Planet Books. Vaughn was one of four authors signing books who write Sherlock Holmes related novels.

To see visit Vaughn's website and read more about his books, click here.

Phil Donlay's AFTERSHOCK Reviewed by Booklist

We are pleased to see that Phil Donlay's book Aftershock: A Donovan Nash Novel was reviewed by Booklist!

Booklist says: 

"Donlay continues to deliver high-quality, character-driven thrillers with this latest in his Donovan Nash series. One of Nash's closest friends, Stephanie VanGelder, is kidnapped in Guatemala. A straightforward rescue goes horribly wrong, leaving Nash with the problem of coming up with an alternate plan. Estranged from his wife and daughter, Nash has another problem: save Stephanie but also convince his immediate family to let him back into their lives. This personal angle gives the story an emotional core, and a rumbling volcano sets the timeclock on suspense and leads to a frantic turning of pages.

Donlay is a thriller writer on the verge of breaking out-and deservedly so. Readers who pick this fine thriller up will eagerly seek out the previous titles and wait impatiently for the next Nash adventure." 

To visit Phil Donlay's website, click here.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

TMCC Writers' Conference & 'The Descent of Man' by Christoph Weber

In late April I will be attending the TMCC Writers' Conference. This is a special little conference for me. This conference is where I met my author Edwin Lyngar; Edwin has a parenting memoir and is a smash hit on for his unabashed political articles.

I also met my now longtime friend Christoph Weber at the TMCC Writers' Conference. When I first met Christoph he was a Hotshot Firefighter. I learned a lot about fire through email correspondence with him during fire season. When Christoph writes about fire, he brings fire alive on the page.

I'm waiting for Christoph to deliver a novel-length work at some point in the future, but in the meantime, we've been swapping short stories and poetry back and forth.  I was excited to hear that his short story "The Descent of Man," was picked up by Nature. They also gave him an opportunity to talk about the inspiration behind his piece as a guest blogger. I hope you'll give them both a look.

I'm looking forward to seeing both Edwin and Christoph when I'm in Reno in late April. With Edwin I hope I'll get the opportunity to meet his family, have a hardy meal, and some raucous laughs. And with Christoph I plan to track mountain lions, shoot bows and arrows, and forage for wild foods in the Reno mountains.

To read Christoph's story "The Descent of Man," click here.
To read Christoph's guest blog in Nature, click here.
To view Edwin's website, click here.
To register for the TMCC Writers' Conference, click here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today was a special day for me. When I went to get the office mail, at the mailbox was a copy of JONESBRIDGE: ECHOES OF HINTERLAND (Diversion Books, 2015), the first book I took on as an agent. 

Originally the book was titled HINTERLAND, but during the shopping process Bloomsbury came out with a book bearing the same title (Kimberley always says titles come in pairs), so we had to go back to the drawing board. 

Jonesbridge is the dystopian landscape where main characters Myron and Sindra make their way sorting salvage metal to fuel a war effort they fail to doubt exists. 

I'm so very happy to see this book in print, and Diversion's enthusiasm for this project makes me so happy; they snapped up the next two books in the series and have already begun recording the audio book. 

Here is the original query I used to pitch M.E.'s book:

HINTERLAND falls at the intersection of Fahrenheit 451 and The Road.  It is a story of loss of information and the onset of dystopia with elements of steampunk/enviropunk.

In a landscape where the world's knowledge has fallen into ruin through disaster and war, a fractured society has rebuilt from known industrial-revolution-era technology, a stymied culture mired in constant conflict for remaining resources.

Young protagonist Myron Daw knows little of life outside the restrictive "protection" of the Jonesbridge Industrial Complex, where he has sifted metals to fuel the war effort for years.  He longs to escape to a place called Bora Bora. When new arrival Sindra joins the salvage line, Myron's world changes to include her. Sindra confides in Myron that the Complex guards are violating her and she is pregnant despite the sterilization procedure. Myron confides in Sindra that he's been building an airship to escape Jonesbridge. As the two plan their escape together, they are separated and caught. Sindra struggles with the feeling that Myron has flown to Bora Bora without her, unaware that Myron has also been captured...and put on trial for the murder of a guard he did not commit.

M.E. Parker is founder and editor in chief of nationally recognized Camera Obscura Journal of Literature & Photography (distributed to 177 B&N stores and 150 independent bookstores). The journal website generates 60K unique visitors annually. M.E.'s  short stories have appeared in numerous literary journals, and his websites can be viewed at and M.E. is active across all social media platforms and attends publishing conferences in promotion of his journal on a regular basis.

To view M.E.'s website, click here