Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kimberley's Recent Deals

Kimberley has worked extremely hard these last few months, making deals in this tough publishing climate.  I thought I'd list her most recent deals so you can see which publishing houses she's been working with and what projects she has sold.

Jane Shoup's THE CHRONICLES OF AZULLAND, the story of a woman who embarks on a quest to save herself and her people in the midst of lustful dark gods, power-thirsty kings, and a forest of white magic, to Mary Cummings at Diversion Books.

Susan Shea's THE KING'S JAR and MIXED UP WITH MURDER, the next two in the Dani O'Rourke mystery series, set among museums and the super wealthy, to Alex Lubertozzi at Top Five Books.

Philip Donlay's ZERO SEPARATION, the next of the Donovan Nash thrillers, about a race to stay one step ahead of a blackmailing FBI agent while trying to stop a terrorist bent on the death of millions, to Robert and Pat Gussin at Oceanview.

Terri Nolan's BAD PACKAGE, in which a young journalist inadvertently becomes a part of the story when she investigates the questionable death of the man she loves and learns that he possessed vital evidence to a famous cold case murder that has been the obsession of her career, to Terri Bischoff at Midnight Ink.  

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  1. A pity you're not on Twitter, The most a writer can have nowadays is to have his work read on a Tweet and should make the best of it. Some do. It's a daily sparring with the new society and I truly enjoy to stay ahead of the curve. More and more I realize that my world died with the death of Hemingway. The way it changed ever since was never fully to my taste in the sense that I'd trade my computer for my old SMITH CORONA anytime, if you get my drift.
    Truly, after NewTown more and more I feel like retreating into my mother's womb to the time of the primal apes of whom my father was a mere replica. Are you with me?
    I have submitted to you 3 chapters of The Immoralist (forget about Gide) and THE BLIND A Man Named Foudroyé. Don't take too long as I'm 75 and not much longing for waiting. I consider to have done my part, not my fault if the world has so much turned on its axis.
    Merry Xmas yours @leuropeano OR