Thursday, May 10, 2012

Literary Paris....  I'm off to Paris for a few months, and have been invited to attend the Paris Writer's Workshop at the end of June.  We continue to explore new publishing ventures and have been making lots of deals for our clients.  April was a sad month, personally, as my son's best friend was killed in a sailboat racing accident.  She was a wonderful young woman in her twenties, with the future in front of her.  Life is short, tenuous and precious, and we must remind ourselves to value those we love everyday. If I missed your emails, please resend, as this tragedy delayed my response for a few weeks.  Be well, enjoy the sunshine, and keep believing in yourself and your writing.  We will encourage and help you as much as possible.  I'll be up and running in Paris over the summer!

A bientôt,



  1. Bonjour dès Tonja Klein! ^___^ I hope you have a great time in Paris since I've always wanted to go there after three years of French back in High School *LOL* You don't really know me, but I recently got a query reply that requested more information on my book to be sent to you, and although I've done so already, I'm posting here just to tell you how sad I was to hear of the young woman's loss in that accident. It's always a pain that is hard to deal with when someone's life is snuffed out leaving such lost potential. I hope you and your son are able to find solace and a way to celebrate her life though I'm sure you will miss her in ways you have yet to even know. May you have a productive time in Paris in spite of your sorrow and be able to find a silver lining in the clouds of life that darken our skies at times. Thank you for asking for more on my book. I'm anxiously awaiting your agency's response, and I'm hoping this begins an interesting relationship if not an inspiring friendship. Your agency seems exactly what I'm looking for, so I will remain hopeful and optimistic, because that's what I try to do even when I do have one of those dismal clouds show up... Bien sur et au revoir!

  2. So True...