Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I love this cover of Tim Hemlin's book THE WASTELANDERS and had to post it. Although my grandmother was not a big fan of ravens, I am.

Tim's book was released by Cool Well Press this month and is available now as an e-book through Kindle.

Kimberley said it took her about three years to sell Tim's book, which just shows her dedication to projects she believes in.

Here is a summary of THE WASTELANDERS:

"When water is scarce, a drop is more precious than gold.

America is controlled by a corporate oligarchy known as the Water Cartel and warrior-priest Joey Hawke finds himself trapped between a mysterious geneticist amassing a clone army and a group of political fanatics convinced that a dead president will rise from his tomb to lead them to salvation.

Caught outside his spiritual haven when the Cartel moves against the Wastelanders, Joey is aided by Bear, an enigmatic weapons runner, a lovesick Scrapwoman, and Bernie Hawke, his estranged father. But against the Cartel’s military strength, led by the power hungry Rex Fielder, Joey’s only hope may be Si-Ting, a young woman with prescient abilities––a woman who not only holds the key to his heart but also to an American conspiracy to crown its future with the withered laurels of the past."

Doug Lyle Review on Women In Crime Ink

Doug Lyle's MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION: CRIME WRITERS' MORBIDLY CURIOUS QUESTIONS EXPERTLY ANSWERED was reviewed on Women In Crime Ink, a blog of "thoughts on crime and media issues from women criminal justice professionals and authors."

Doug Lyle's book will be released by Medallion Press in April 2012.

To read the review of MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION, click here.

D.P. Lyle On Blog Talk Radio

On Thursday, January 19th at 1 p.m. PST, Doug Lyle will be interviewed on Blog Talk Radio. For a link to the interview, click here. The call in number for the interview is: 949-270-5955.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


A launch party for Joe Woodward's book ALIVE INSIDE THE WRECK: A BIOGRAPHY OF NATHANAEL WEST was held at the LA Press Club in collaboration with O/R Books recently.

The crowd was welcomed by Diana Ljungaeus, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Press Club, and Joe was then introduced by Boris Dralyuk, Noir Editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB).

Also at the event were Evan Kindley, Managing Editor (LARB); Julie Cline, Senior Non-Fiction Editor (LARB); Stephanie Swengel, Vice President of Production, Fox Animation Studios, and many others.

Joe Woodward is a four-time finalist and two-time winner of a Los Angeles Press Club Award. His nonfiction, on some of the most reclusive, eccentric, yet talented writers of our time, including David Foster Wallace, Bret Easton Ellis, Tobias Wolff, and Hunter S. Thompson, has appeared in a variety of publications.