Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Happy Summer to all, as temperatures enable us to enjoy the sun… Thrillerfest in New York was great with lots of meetings with editors, clients and publishers!

Kimberley's author D.P. Lyle with Pat Gussin of Oceanview Publishing

                         The famous Otto Penzler and Andy Martin of Minotaur with David Brody  
Lunch at the Bryant Grill with Kelli Stanley and her Minotaur editor, Elizabeth Lacks

Ariel Giacobbe, our Reputation Books social media maven at hard work in the garden!

The Book Passage Mystery Conference was fabulous as usual!   Here is Elizabeth's author Joe Clifford entertaining all, and handsome author and Book Passage Owner Bill Petrocelli in conversation...

I was able to introduce my debut author Katherine Hyde that I met at the conference last year, and sold her series CRIME WITH THE CLASSICS to Minatour Books, as well as personally recognize my author George Fong, who is my hero :-)
Everyone loves this conference!

We wish everyone a lovely end of summer, and know that we are working hard to make your manuscripts become published books...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I love getting covers.  Here is the cover for my author Tj Turner's alternative historical thriller LINCOLN'S BODYGUARD.  Tj's book will be released just days before the 150th anniversary commemorating Lincoln's death.

If you'd like to read more about Tj Turner or LINCOLN'S BODYGUARD, visit Tj's website at: www.tjturnerauthor.com

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

LGBT Community Embraces Gerald L Dodge's BENEATH THE WEIGHT OF SADNESS

Gerald L Dodge's Beneath the Weight of Sadness is going viral within the LGBT community.  Most recently, an excerpt has been posted on the Gay/Lesbian Fiction Excerpt Blog where thousands of followers go to find the latest trending novels featuring the theme.  Scroll down to the comments to see Gerry communicating with his readers.

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And it doesn't stop there.  Our pal Jay Hartman at Untreed Reads Publishing has entered Gerry's novel for the 2014 Rainbow Awards hosted by Elisa Rolle, one of the most influential book reviewers in the LGBT community (check out her extensive list of review on her site Reviews and Ramblings).  The awards include both fiction and non-fiction including art and photography -- so the competition will be fierce, but we have every confidence our author will make it to the finals!  Winners won't be announced until December, so we'll keep you posted as we hear about Gerry's progression (see the official rules and timeline here).

Beneath the Weight of Sadness is obviously worth a read.  If you haven't picked it up yet ...


Truman Engoff, a gay, seventeen-year-old boy, living in an affluent, New Jersey town, Persia, is brutally murdered one early Sunday morning.  The murder becomes sensational not only for the fact that Truman is gay, but because the town is peopled with mostly wealthy conservatives who view anomalous lifestyles as a disruption to their strict view of how the world should function.  The death of Truman's brief life is told in four separate narratives: his father, mother, the detective investigating the case, and his best friend growing up.  All four of these people are devastated by Truman's death, and the story of his death unfolds as the characters tell the story of his life.

Find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and of course Untreed Reads.

For more about the author and his work, check out his personal website and follow him on Twitter.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Passage Mystery Writers Conference 2014

"Learn all the clues to a successful writing career" at this year's Mystery Writers Conference scheduled for July 24 through July 27 in Corte Madera, brought to you by Book Passage, KC&A's preferred local vendor for all our books.

Aspiring writers can take classes from established authors, listen to lectures from professional publishers, and ask agents (including our own Kimberley Cameron) what they're looking for in a modern mystery novel.  The event will also feature a panel of detectives, forensic experts, and crime-scene investigators to shed some light on how to solve real life mysteries.  Check out the full list of faculty and event scheduling.

This unique opportunity is for writers of all levels interested in the mystery and/or suspense genre -- so don't miss out on all the invaluable information this year's conference has to offer and get your tickets.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

TJ O'Connor in the Tabloids!!!

But it's all good.  I guess the EXAMINER knows that mystery books are hot right now.  You have to keep an eye out this weekend when the issue will be distributed.

And if you don't believe in tabloids, here are a few book reviews that may entice you to pick up a copy of O'Connor's Dying to Know.

OpenBookSociety.com: "Definitely a surprise [...] you will find things are not always as they appear, and what does appear may not be what you see after all. Read the book."

Edie Dykeman from BellaOnline.com: "...check out Dying to Know and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy the ride."

Mysterymavenblog.com (who's not going to believe a mystery maven?): "...a fast-paced, humorous exploration of the netherworld."

So now you're Dying to Know what all the hubbub is about?  Check out TJ O'Connor's personal website for information on this book, the sequel, and other works.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Garrett Calcaterra answers questions live

A helpful tool for those aspiring writers out there who need a little inspiration from those who have made it in the business are the live chats with authors on Reddit.com
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One of KC&A authors, Garrett Calcaterra, is actively involved with helping emerging authors, students, or book-nerds like myself.  Read his forum discussion here and follow him on twitter to stay in touch and catch him live for his next online event.
Read more about Garret on his personal website, check out his latest (and quite awesome) novel Dreamweilder on amazon, and download his super popular ebook The Knight's Dog on Wattpad.
Stacy Briscoe @SLBriscoe