Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kirkus Review: Collecting the Dead by Spencer Kope

Spencer Kope's Collecting the Dead will be released this June, and in the meantime you can read Kirkus' review of this thrilling new novel.
"Crammed with characters who will capture readers' attention and writing that leaves much of the field in the dust..."
"Kope’s fascinating debut will place Steps Craig alongside Walt Longmire, Jack Reacher, and Charlie Parker as an enduring literary hero."
Visit Spencer's website for more information. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

New release! Lily Gardner's latest, Betting Blind, available now

Lily Gardner's second novel in her Lennox Cooper series, Betting Blind, is now available for purchase! Click here to buy it from your favorite retailer!

Visit Lily's website for more information.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reviews "The Drum Within" by James Scarantino

James Scarantino's debut novel The Drum Within has received a fantastic review from The Santa Fe New Mexican. Some highlights include:

"The Drum Within keeps many ducks in tidy rows through a maze of gritty encounters, bitter confrontations, and some very clever red herrings."
"I found myself pop-eyed in surprise as the plot worked itself out."
 "The book never overreaches; everything that occurs ultimately makes sense, which is one of the severest tests of a mystery novel."
Click here to read the full review. Make sure to add this thriller to your to-read list!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Happy Release Day: DISSENSION by Stacey Berg

Dissension by Stacey Berg

Happy Release Day: DISSENSION by Stacey Berg

For four hundred years, the Church has led the remnants of humanity as they struggle for survival in the last inhabited city. Echo Hunter 367 is exactly what the Church created her to be: loyal, obedient, lethal. A clone who shouldn’t care about anything but her duty. Who shouldn’t be able to.
When rebellious citizens challenge the Church’s authority, it is Echo’s duty to hunt them down before civil war can tumble the city back into the dark. But Echo hides a deadly secret: doubt. And when Echo’s mission leads her to Lia, a rebel leader who has a secret of her own, Echo is forced to face that doubt. For Lia holds the key to the city’s survival, and Echo must choose between the woman she loves and the purpose she was born to fulfill.
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Dutch cover for Method 15/33

This new jacket for Shannon Kirk's sensational Method 15/33 is as thrilling as the book!

Crime Compagnie expects to publish it in August 2016.

For more information on Shannon's work, visit her website.