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Matt Coyle's Night Tremors to be released June 2nd

Matt Coyle has done it again, following his award-winning debut novel Yesterday's Echo with the equally enthralling sequel Night Tremors, to be released June 2nd. Here are just a few of the stellar reviews Night Tremors has already received:

"[Night Tremors] packs the punch of a rocket-propelled grenade. One of my best reads in years, Night Tremors has a spectacular 'Matt' finish." -L. Dean Murphy for

“Coyle does a superb job of drawing the reader in and keeps a steady pace of action along with solid character development. This celebration of the crime noir novels of old with a modern sensibility in Rick Cahill as hero will strongly appeal to fans of classic hard-boiled PI novels.” -Library Journal, Starred Review

"[Rick Cahill is] a flawed hero with his own demons; one you will find yourself rooting for, every step of the way...A series, with an unstoppable character, leaving you anxiously awaiting the next in this exciting crime series drama." -JDCMustReadBooks

"You find yourself on a roller coaster ride with Rick that leaves you breathless at times and on the edge of your seat until the very end...If I could give the book more than five stars, I would." -Deana Dick, Public Librarian

“Coyle spares no time in developing rapidly moving action that brings in many different people with varying connections towards the murder… The ending is satisfying and a logical result of the developing story line, and does neatly leave additional books about Rick by Matt Coyle anticipated and awaited.”

Click here to read Matt's interview with John Wilkens of the San Diego Union-Tribune, in which Matt describes his influences and inspirations for Night Tremors.

For more information about Matt Coyle and his novels, visit his website.

Great Reviews for METHOD 15/33, and a film to come!

Kimberley's author Shannon Capone Kirk has been receiving rave reviews for her thriller METHOD 15/33 out through Oceanview Publishing. writes:

"Method 15/33 by Shannon Kirk has an extraordinary plot as well as an extraordinary character in Lisa Yyland, although we do not know her name until way into this crazy good book.

Told in her own words, Lisa's story could actually happen today and she relates it in every terrifying detail. Lisa is a sixteen year-old pregnant girl who is 'insanely brilliant, angry, vengeful, as well as a borderline sociopath'. She is snatched as she walks home from school, thrown into a van and driven for two days. On the third day she is deposited blindfolded into what she thinks might be a secluded farm house.

What the kidnapper doesn't know is that she is much, much smarter than him. She immediately, upon being locked in a room by herself, inventories items that might help her to escape – she has no intention of allowing this moron to take her baby from her. She welcomes the presence of a knitted red afghan, the handles of a bucket, and other innocuous things that might prove useful.

She meets other individuals she gives her own made-up names to. There's the Obvious Couple who want her baby. Brad is her kidnapper's twin brother. She hears Kitchen People who fix her meals. She has difficulty engaging with others. This doesn't bother her at all. She has nothing to say to anyone anyway.

Her thoughts, as she explains what she hopes to do, will bewilder you at the same time that you realize you're pulling for her. Make sure you have some extra time as you start this unusual and suspenseful novel. It is darn hard to put down. The only thing I wish is that I could meet this intelligent young woman but I am sure she wouldn't want to meet me. Good, good book. Don't miss it."

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner praises Kirk's novel as "completely original and totally kick-ass!"

Kirk recently won the National Indie Excellence Book Award in the suspense category, a fantastic accomplishment for her first novel.

Method 15/33 has also been optioned for film rights by Next Wednesday Productions. 

More information can be found on Shannon's website, including a book trailer for Method 15/33.

The Gentle Art of Murder, the latest Jeanne Dams mystery novel

Jeanne Dams has added another classic mystery novel to her Dorothy Martin series. The Gentle Art of Murder features Dorothy and her husband Alan, a retired detective (certain to come in handy later). When a faculty member turns up poisoned and stabbed at the bottom of an elevator shaft, Dorothy and Alan must work together to solve the strange crime. Despite a lack of evidence, Dorothy is determined to sniff out the killer before he strikes again.

Publishers Weekly gives The Gentle Art of Murder a stellar review, noting "fans of warm and fuzzy traditional English mysteries will be satisfied."

Jo Ann Hakola, better known as the Book Faerie, has nothing but praise for Dams' latest novel. She especially enjoys Dorothy's character because "nobody gets away with murder on her watch." To read the full review, check out Jo Ann's blog.

To view all novels in the Dorothy Martin series, click here.

And because we all love cats, here are some photos of Jeanne's feline friends:

Phil Donlay's Aftershock makes waves

Aftershock, Phil Donlay's latest thriller, takes readers on a heart-stopping ride through erupting earthquakes, molten lava, and a high-stakes kidnapping with an impossible ransom.

Scientist Donovan Nash adventures outside his comfort zone to rescue close friend, Stephanie, who has been kidnapped in lawless Guatemala. To save Stephanie, Donovan must face an erupting volcano along with ghosts from his past. Only then can he conquer his demons and survive the aftershocks permeating his own life.

Recently, Aftershock was chosen as Killer Nashville's Book of the Day. Their review lauds Donlay's novel, which "pulls readers into a heated landscape that has us sweating from page one, and the thrilling suspense keeps us from ever cooling off." Donlay's characters are "intricate and fascinating, a rare treat for a thriller novel."

Visit Phil's website for more details.

Wonderful reviews for The Mercy of the Night

David Corbett's new mystery novel The Mercy of the Night has earned fantastic reviews since its April release. Erin Mitchell, blogger for Pop Culture Nerd, hails this psychological thriller as, "Interesting, scary, emotional, and perplexing." Read the full review at Pop Culture Nerd. 

The Mercy of the Night features Private Investigator Phelan Tierney, who prefers rehabilitating desperate young women over his day job. When one of his students, Jacqi Garza, runs away, he endeavors to rescue her from herself. Abducted by a child predator at a young age, Jacqi still bears the scars of her emotional torture. Both Phelan and Jacqi must face their fears, overcoming lies that have plagued them throughout their lives. 

The Mercy of the Night has also received a starred review from Booklist, praising Corbett's novel as, "Superlative hard-boiled crime fiction with a strong emotional center."

Check out David's website for more information. 

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Interview With Mary On Book Country

The wonderful writing community, Book Country, asked me to answer a few questions for their authors on everything from manuscript advice to social media to self-publishing. Read the interview here.

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And this photo, taken from my computer, because she thinks she's a cat, and I'm trying to work...