Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet Our Fabulous Readers!

Kimberley Cameron & Associates is lucky to have three very talented people reading for the Agency right now.

From left to right: Mallory Bass, Preston Hatfield and Alex Webb.

All three have been with the Agency for some time. Both Mallory and Alex are in the St. Mary's MFA program, and Preston is pursuing a career in publishing, soon to leave us for a job in New York.

Mallory, Alex and Preston have been instrumental in the development of projects, from helping to structure and line edit manuscripts, to coming up with pen names, manuscript titles and finding us great works of fiction.

Mallory's pet peeves: Adverbs, typos, and the words "suddenly" and "sighing."

Preston's pet peeves: Lengthy queries and using a character's full name throughout the manuscript.

Alex's pet peeves: Too many exclamation points (three per manuscript allowed) and stories about writers.

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