Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purple Papaya

Kimberley's client, D.P. Lyle, sent us a link to a company by the name of Purple Papaya, which specializes in helping authors with social media platforms. We thought we'd pass along the link.

In today's publishing climate, it's important for authors of both fiction and nonfiction to put focus on author branding and self or book promotion.

In addition, for any published author (traditional, e-book or self-published), it's in your best interest to co-promote your work since 1) you may only have a publicist for a limited time 2) publishers will look at your past sales when considering your future works 3) you may secure a traditional publishing deal if your e-book or self-published sales are good, and 4) money is nice.

Taking time to focus on the business side of writing is important.

Check out Purple Papaya by clicking here.

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