Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The End of Summer, and New Beginnings...

It has been a great summer at KC & A - I attended the Paris Writer's Conference and made lots of deals over the recent months, launching the careers of many new authors.  The industry is healthy and books are not going away!   I'm pleased to announce that KC&A is expanding to include some new young (er:-) agents, ready to find new voices.  Two of our interns, Ethan Vaughan and Pooja Menon, have proved their excellent editorial and author interface talents, and we have decided that they are ready to start their own lists.  Liz and I are still reading and considering new clients as well - and they will also add a younger and international viewpoint to the table.  As they say in French, may your "rentrĂ©e" be a great one.  Here's to a lovely fall!




  1. Yay, super exciting! Congrats, you guys. Can't wait for more details (especially since I write YA Fantasy *hint hint*...haha!)

    PS-- So jealous of the visually appealing weather in the top photo. In my area it's been raining all week!

  2. C'est tres belle! Best wishes to you and your staff for seeking new voices for the literary world. May they be positive influences while creating exciting places for readers to visit visually and emotionally in their minds. Hope autumn is kind to you and those you seek!

    Tonja (with a "j") Klein (like the jeans) - TK (easier to spell *lol*) ^___~

  3. Thank you for adding a new agent who is seeking new age fantasy. I'll be working on a one page synopsis.