Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm very excited to announce that Kimberley Cameron & Associates launched a new ebook under the KC&A banner on Amazon.com yesterday.

DATE ME, DATE MY DOG: FINDING MR. RIGHT FOR YOU AND YOUR PACK by Leigh Anne Jasheway has been a labor of love of mine since I joined Kimberley Cameron & Associates.  I met Leigh Anne through my previous work with Hunter House Publishers in Alameda, CA.  When I left Hunter House to work with Kimberley, Leigh Anne contacted me not long after and we decided to work together. Our first project was to develop and sell DATE ME, DATE MY DOG (DMDMD).

After developing DMDMD, we shopped it with traditional publishers but had no luck.  They said it didn't quite fit on the humor shelf and wasn't self-help enough for the self-help shelf.  In short, it wasn't focused enough to be one or the other, which made it a tough sell. But I really believe in this book and think there is a market for it (and I certainly have a lot of contacts from my dog-rescuing days in Puerto Rico). I'm sure single, dog-loving women who have a good sense of humor will get a kick out of it.

With the current publishing climate as it is, we've been putting a lot more time and thought into digital publishing.  We've been making deals with digital publishers such as Diversion Books.  And we've been working on a plan for publishing those books of our clients' whose rights have been reverted or we're having a hard time placing. So, it's a real time of growth for us. And we are lucky to have some really talented people involved, helping to make this growth possible.

Please take a look at my client Leigh Anne's website here.  And by all means, feel free to purchase DMDMD on Amazon (it will be available through most other retailers shortly).

A big thank you to Preston Hatfield, Mallory Bass, Brooke Ferguson, and Mary Moore for their help with DMDMD as well as cover designer Kevin Hedenstad, who I think did a great job on the cover (if you need a cover design, email Kevin at hedline24@gmail.com).


  1. I so enjoy reading this agency's blog. I'll definitely check this new book out. The cover is adorable.

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley! We love the cover, too.

  2. Congratulations, Leigh Anne and Elizabeth!