Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Elizabeth Kracht Interview On Writing/Publishing

I did an interview on writing and publishing with my client Peter Hogenkamp for his blog.  I'm currently shopping Peter's thriller manuscript ABSOLUTION.

When I signed Peter it was with the understanding that we had to get a website up and social media humming. Peter wasted no time and now actively networks to draw support for his work(s). 

Many writers aren't sure how to maintain a blog or social media, though they understand it's necessary in today's publishing climate. My interview with Peter is one idea for how you can draw interest to your blog. But small, daily contributions to Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets works just as well. 

To see my interview with Peter Hogenkamp on writing and publishing, click here.  


  1. Insightful interview, Liz!

    You definitely are the woman whose "natural inclination (is) to try and help him by getting his story out." Your perceptive (and unflaggingly determined) editing of my book with forever astound me!

  2. Hi Liz, Thanks so much for posting this article and linking to the interview. I enjoyed both, and it's encouraging that agents will consider authors who are still developing their platforms.