Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Please join in the fun on Wattpad's Facebook page and vote on Mia Thompson's SILENCING SAPPHIRE cover, soon to be released by Diversion Books.

Wattpad is hosting a book club of Mia's first book in the Sapphire Series, Stalking Sapphire.  The book club will end on the release of SILENCING SAPPHIRE, which I'm right in the middle of editing. The pressure's on.

Wattpad is a great resource for readers and authors.  It boasts 16 million users, most of which are under 20. Stalking Sapphire shows over 10,000 reads.  And Mia's book is the third book club that Wattpad has hosted, though I believe authors can set up their own book clubs through Wattpad.

Please visit the Wattpad Facebook page and vote on the cover you like best, or leave a comment on the blog.

Congratulations Mia and Diversion Books on all the great things happening with this series!

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