Wednesday, July 2, 2014

TJ O'Connor in the Tabloids!!!

But it's all good.  I guess the EXAMINER knows that mystery books are hot right now.  You have to keep an eye out this weekend when the issue will be distributed.

And if you don't believe in tabloids, here are a few book reviews that may entice you to pick up a copy of O'Connor's Dying to Know. "Definitely a surprise [...] you will find things are not always as they appear, and what does appear may not be what you see after all. Read the book."

Edie Dykeman from "...check out Dying to Know and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy the ride." (who's not going to believe a mystery maven?): "...a fast-paced, humorous exploration of the netherworld."

So now you're Dying to Know what all the hubbub is about?  Check out TJ O'Connor's personal website for information on this book, the sequel, and other works.

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