Monday, August 11, 2014

This True Detective knows Criminal Minds from all angles...

Our author Michael Barrett is getting all kinds of praise for his latest crime novel, Shoshana. And it's no wonder: as a former police detective, sketch artist, and private investigator, Barrett knows the crime scene intimately.

Westport News recently released an article about their hometown career cop and his successful transition to full-time author:

"I wanted people to see the cop's point of view," he said. On television police officers are portrayed as hard, often emotionless people, he said.  "On TV when a cop shoots someone, it's no big deal and that's not at all how it works.  Most cops leave the job with post-traumatic stress disorder," the retired officer said.  "A macho cop gets a SIDS call and it changes the way he thinks about people."

For the full article complete with insights into Barrett's motivation and inspiration for Shoshana visit Westport News.  And for more information about Michael Barret, Shoshana, and his other works, visit his personal website.

Posted By: Stacy Briscoe @SLBriscoe


  1. This looks like an amazing read! I Love true crime, especially when I can get the inside view- I love that I can read true crime from a police officer's view. I am a huge Ann Rule fan and recently read, "A Rose For Her Grave" where Rule, having interacted personally with these murderers, discusses her feelings about several true crime cases which took place in the Northeast with her views on capital punishment and other issues. I just can't get enough of true crime and Ann's books, espcially intrigue me because of her personal views. I was delighted to see that Ann has updated her website and all of her books have been upated to ebook format. Looks like I have a lot of reading to do, including reading "Shoshana!" Thanks for recommending it!

    1. This one does look good, Betty. Michael's background is especially intriguing! Thank you for sharing Ann's website, too! She is one of my favorite authors.

  2. You're welcome Amanda... Ann Rule is one of my favorite authors as well!