Thursday, December 18, 2014

'Love for LAMENTATION" Day

It's "Love for Lamentation" Day here at KC&A. Joe Clifford's novel Lamentation was featured on both and LitReactor as a notable staff pick for 2014. 

LitReactor says, "Joe Clifford is one of the best new crime writers emerging onto the scene," while suggests that "Lamentation is a suspenseful page-turner that may jangle your nerves." 

To read the full review of Joe's work on LitReactor, click here.

To read the full review of Joe's work on, click here

Relentless storm clouds roil over Northern New Hampshire’s Lamentation Mountain as Jay Porter is called to pick up his delinquent, drug-addicted older brother Chris at the local police station. Released into Jay’s care, his brother, now a suspect in the disappearance of a friend, reveals a conspiracy involving a mysterious hard drive and the small community’s most powerful family. As Jay fights to win back his ex-girlfriend and their two-year-old son, his journey forces him to confront his own parents’ suspicious death twenty years ago as he steps deeper into his estranged brother’s addicted world—delivering him to the dark heart of a small town’s shocking secret.

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