Thursday, March 5, 2015

TMCC Writers' Conference & 'The Descent of Man' by Christoph Weber

In late April I will be attending the TMCC Writers' Conference. This is a special little conference for me. This conference is where I met my author Edwin Lyngar; Edwin has a parenting memoir and is a smash hit on for his unabashed political articles.

I also met my now longtime friend Christoph Weber at the TMCC Writers' Conference. When I first met Christoph he was a Hotshot Firefighter. I learned a lot about fire through email correspondence with him during fire season. When Christoph writes about fire, he brings fire alive on the page.

I'm waiting for Christoph to deliver a novel-length work at some point in the future, but in the meantime, we've been swapping short stories and poetry back and forth.  I was excited to hear that his short story "The Descent of Man," was picked up by Nature. They also gave him an opportunity to talk about the inspiration behind his piece as a guest blogger. I hope you'll give them both a look.

I'm looking forward to seeing both Edwin and Christoph when I'm in Reno in late April. With Edwin I hope I'll get the opportunity to meet his family, have a hardy meal, and some raucous laughs. And with Christoph I plan to track mountain lions, shoot bows and arrows, and forage for wild foods in the Reno mountains.

To read Christoph's story "The Descent of Man," click here.
To read Christoph's guest blog in Nature, click here.
To view Edwin's website, click here.
To register for the TMCC Writers' Conference, click here.

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