Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We Need Reviewers!

We need reviewers for my author M.E. Parker's Science Fiction novel JONESBRIDGE: ECHOES OF HINTERLAND (Diversion Books, July 7). 

If you are willing to review M.E.'s book and provide a review on Amazon and Goodreads and/or your blog, please contact Chris Mahon at Chris can provide you with a hard copy or ebook. 

Reviews are so important for the success of a book, so we very much appreciate your willingness to read and review JONESBRIDGE. Serious reviewers only please!

JONESBRIDGE falls at the intersection between Fahrenheit 451 and The Road. It is a story about loss of information and the onset of dystopia with elements of steampunk/enviropunk. In a landscape where the world's knowledge has fallen into ruin through disaster and war, a fractured society has rebuilt from known industrial-revolution-era technology, a stymied culture mired in constant conflict for remaining resources. JONESBRIDGE follows young characters Myron and Sindra as they dream of and try to implement an escape plan that could cost them everything. 

Though JONESBRIDGE is considered an adult book, Myron and Sindra would appeal to YA readers who lean toward edgier YA.

A little history: JONESBRIDGE (formerly titled "Hinterland"--this title got snapped up during the shopping process) was a manuscript I read as an intern and sought out later as an agent because I couldn't get Myron's character out of my mind. 

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