Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rita Lakin's The Only Woman in the Room: Summary and cover reveal

This October, mark your calendars for the release of Rita Lakin's memoir The Only Woman in the Room. Check out the cover and summary below, and be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Rita Lakin was a pioneer, a female script writer in the early 1960s when Hollywood Television was exclusively male.  For years, in creative meetings she was literally the only woman in the room.  In this breezy but heartfelt remembrance, Lakin exposes us to a long-forgotten time when women were not considered worthy or welcome at the creative table.  Widowed with three young children, she talked herself into a secretarial job at Universal Studios in 1962, despite being unable to type or take dictation.  But with guts, skill and humor she rose from secretary to free-lancer, to staff writer, to producer, to executive producer and show-runner, meeting hundreds of famous and infamous show biz legends along the way during her long and unexpected career.  She introduced many women into the business and was a feminist before she even knew she was a feminist.  Unknown to the general public, she reached an audience of millions week after week, year after year.
The relevance of her personal journey, charming yet occasionally shocking, will be an eye-opener to today’s readers who take for granted the abundance of female creative talent in today’s Hollywood.

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