Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My client Mia Thompson's book STALKING SAPPHIRE is now available for preorder on iTunes.

Sapphire Dubois is a reluctant, 20-year-old heiress living in Beverly Hills. By day she keeps up appearances, but by night she's a vigilante, who has made it her mission to stalk and trap serial killers and turn them over to the police. The police have nicknamed her the "Serial Catcher" and are trying to apprehend her. She meets her real match, however, in a serial killer named Raphael, who begins to stalk her.  He believes serial killers help cleanse humanity and he wants to punish her for disrupting the natural order of things. When Raphael begins to taunt and stalk her, the police officer hunting the Serial Catcher (the one she's just had a one-night stand with) is assigned to protect her, confounding matters. Sapphire soon finds herself in a race against the clock to save an innocent victim of Raphael's, realizing too late she's just walked into a trap set to capture her.

To purchase STALKING SAPPHIRE, click here.

Mia is just finishing Book Two in the series, SILENCING SAPPHIRE.

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