Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review for Bordeaux: The Bitter Finish by Janet Hubbard

Janet Hubbard's Bordeaux: The Bitter Finish (Poisoned Pen Press) received a nice review by Sandra Murphy for the Kings River Life Magazine. Murphy also interviewed Janet.

One of many questions asked of Janet:

"KRL: Any advice for aspiring or beginning writers?

Janet: My advice to my writing students is to rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Don’t settle. I also encourage them to persevere. As rejections come in, I encourage them to start working on something else. When the manuscript is ready to be sent out to agents, I remind them that you only need one match, one person to fall in love with your writing."

Encouraging advice, right?

Bordeaux: The Bitter Finish is Janet's second book in the A Vengeance in the Vineyard Mystery series. Her first book in the series Champagne: The Farewell was released in 2012.

To read the full review and interview, click here.  

To learn more about Janet Hubbard, visit her website by clicking here.

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