Friday, May 23, 2014

The New Super Hero: Science Fiction Writers

When I was in high school, I took a science fiction class because I'm awesome and nerdy like that.  Actually it was because, although I fancy myself a book nerd, my home library was lacking in the science fiction department.

We read everything from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein to Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game.  No matter the year written, background of the author, or what characters he or she decided to portray, the running theme was always the evolution of man: Where did we come from?  What are we doing here?  Where are we going?

Our author Garret Calcaterra has written a very detailed article for the online edition of Black Gate on the science fiction genre and how the imagination of the present day mind helps shape our future.  So what great debacle should the Sci-Fi author tackle next?  Calcaterra's gentle suggestion: global warming.

Read the full article entitled Can SF Save the World From Climate Change? on the Black Gate website and feel free to add your thoughts to the debate in the comments section.

Garrett Calcaterra is a talented "author of dark speculative fiction."  His latest work Dreamweilder has been received by the literary community with rave reviews and his eBook The Knight's Dog has received over 34k downloads on Wattpad. To learn more about him, his writing, and latest full-length novel, check out his official website.  And don't forget to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Posted by Intern Stacy Briscoe, whose biggest sic-fi pet peeve are people who think sic-fi and fantasy are the same thing (they are NOT, read the difference here).

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