Monday, March 24, 2014

Garrett Calcaterra's KNIGHT'S DOG: "Fans of George R.R. Martin will enjoy this gritty fantasy..."

And now you can enjoy this novelette on for free.  Click here to read and find out why this epic fantasy novel has already gotten over 18,000 reads.


When Dern encounters a dying knight, he forsakes his life as a thief to do the honorable thing and deliver the knight's weapons and orphaned dog to the king. Civilized life is nothing like he imagined it, though. At every turn, someone is trying to swindle him or cut his throat. Everyone but the surly dog that now looks to him as his master.... 


Garret Calcaterra is an established author of "dark, speculative fiction."  In addition to The Knight's Dog, Calcaterra has an online library of eBook singles to view and purchase.  His latest complete novel, Dreamwielder is now available in both print and ebook editions.  For more information about the author and his work, please visit his official website.  And don't forget to follow him on twitter and 

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