Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Philip Donlay's DEADLY ECHOS -- a "ripsnorting adventure"

Deadly Echos is Donlay's fourth thriller featuring Donovan Nash -- and it definitely doesn't hold back on the action, adventure, and "science possible" thrills readers of his previous works are used to.  As writer-editor-publisher-book reviewer David Marshall says in his blog Thinking About Books:

"...a rip snorting adventure [...] I’m not entirely sure what gas emerges from the rip but, when you snort it, it gives you extraordinary vigour as a reader."
Read the full review here.

Marshall points out readers will better enjoy the novel if they read the preceding books before-hand.  For more information on The Donovan Nash novels including Deadly Echos, visit Philip Donlay's personal website.  And don't forget to check out his blog and follow him on Facebook for more
personal information.

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