Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Outstanding Reviews for Vaughn Entwistle's THE REVENANT OF THRAXTON HALL

Recently released in the US and soon to be released in the UK, The Revenant of Thraxton Hall has already received glowing reviews by critics and everyday readers alike (click here, here, and here to read a few), and the praise just keeps coming.

Amy Eller Lewis (@amyellerlewis), from says this book checks off all the things she's looking for in a quality Holmsian murder-mystery:

"19th Century London? Check. A Crumbling Gothic Mansion? Check. Murder? Seances? Underground crypts?  Arthur Conan Doyle hallucinating the ghost of Sherlock Holmes? Oscar Wilde and fabulous outfits? Check, check double check."
Read the full review here.

And Steve Taylor-Bryant (@OpinionGeeks) from finds himself engrossed in the scenes, settings, and characters:

"Doyle is well written and Oscar Wilde, in the almost Dr. Watson role, was a brave and exciting choice which works incredibly well. The setting itself is reminiscent of any ye olde gothic ghost story and Entwistle proves himself a very capable provider of atmosphere."
Read the full review here.

Super excited to read this book and learn more about this gargoyle-sculpting author?  Visit his personal website and follow him on twitter.

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