Monday, March 17, 2014

Professor Moriarty is Back in Michael Kurland's WHO THINKS EVIL

It's taken a few years, but Author Michael Kruland's fifth Professor Moriarty finally released just last month, and it's proving to be worth the wait by critics and fans alike.

When Sherlock Holmes is unavailable to solve a crime, who do you call?  Professor Moriarty.  And, as Meredith Frazier says in a new review from

"...whether or not you're a fan of that famous detective - or even if you're unfamiliar with Conan Doyle's work - Kurland's plotting and wit will go a long way toward convincing you to become a fan of Moriarty, and he's done it in such a way as to please both those who have been eagerly awaiting the latest Moriarty mystery and those who have just discovered this unexpected hero."

Read the full review here.

Need to catch up on the other Professor Moriarty cases before reading this thriller?  Visit Kruland's personal website for a list of all his books including the Professor Moriarty series.

You can also check out his personal notes and thoughts on his blog or follow him on twitter @mjkurl.

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