Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Joe Clifford Discusses Strong Female Characters and "Heaving Breasts"

KCA agent Liz Kracht often "receives an obscene number of submissions from male writers referencing, in one form or another...'heaving breasts,'"discloses author Joe Clifford in his self-publised blog page.  And ever since she pointed out his version of this literary cliché, he's been more sensitive to the fact that "men writing about women from a male perspective often get it...wrong."

True Detective, Catwoman, and comics are all discussed in this amusing and insightful post.  Read the full article here.  Men, writers or not, take some notes and women...be patient while the guys figure this all out.

Joe Clifford is the author of novel Junkie Love.  For more information about him, his writing, music, and events visit his official website and follow him on twitter @joeclifford23.

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